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KitchenGuard Mini 

Fire suppression systems for multi-user residential kitchens, such as in student accommodation, HMOs, blocks of flats and other multiple occupancy dwellings - where unattended cooking activities may lead to a fire.


According to the fire brigade, people living in Multi-user kitchen environments, such as in student accommodation, HMO’s, blocks of flats or other multi-occupancy buildings are 7 times more likely to have a fire, with unattended or forgotten cooking activities accounting for around 50% of all such fires. 

Kitchen Guard Mini

Activities such as deep-frying can be dangerous if something goes wrong, especially if left unattended. Around 16,000 domestic fires occur every year when food is being deep fried, with around 3000 people a year being injured as a result(ROSPA Statistics, ROSPA.com).


Working in partnership with Jactone we are an approved installer of the PAFSS KitchenGuard Mini; a fully automatic fire suppression system which uses much of the same technology and performance characteristics of their commercial kitchen suppression system that complies with LPCB standard LPS 1223.

The system works by using a special pressurised detection tubing which acts as a linear heat and flame detector, providing detection along the whole length of the installation.

Where some smoke and flame detectors may be affected by dust, grease etc, by using a pneumatic signal via sealed tubing, KitchenGuard Mini avoids these problems, without the need for an external power supply. 

Once the tubing ruptures via direct flame or high temperatures, 2 litres of wet chemical fire extinguishant is sprayed directly from the rupture onto the fire - enough to put out a chip pan fire of up to 45 Litres

Type F Wet Chemical

The system uses a 99% biodegradable wet chemical extinguishing agent with excellent cleaning and fat-dissolving properties.  It has excellent cleaning and fat-dissolving properties meaning the kitchen fire suppression system can be quickly returned to service with no need for a costly clean up operation.

PAFSS KitchenGuard Mini is designed and manufactured in the UK. It incorporates the latest innovations, to bring ground breaking characteristics and reliability to the kitchen fire suppression industry.

For more information on this system, please take the time to download our information brochure

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